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Paws & Tales Games awaits you! Our Community is an interactive world where children can explore, play games, chat with others and learn about biblical theology and Christian values.

Parents can learn more here.

Support our community by subscribing to our yearly plan and you will become an official Resident of Paws & Tales Games!

Visitors have limited access to the games within the community, while Residents will have access to all of the existing games and any future features that are added to the community.

These games are available to both Visitors and Residents of Paws & Tales Games:

Chief Williams
Furry Friends
  Coloring Book
Some of Chief Williams favorite furry friends are lost and can’t find their homes. Help the lost animals find their homes in the forest and learn about some of their God given gifts. Color your favorite Wildwood characters, just pick a color then select the area you wish to paint. Have Fun!

Paw Paw Chucks' Wild Train   Shapes Puzzles
Paw Paw Chuck needs your help to make sure the train arrives safely at every station. Guide the train along the right track to collect the bags of coal to get to the next station. Match the Character shapes to complete the scene! These puzzle pages include the characters and backgrounds you will recognize from the Paws & Tales episodes.

These games are available to only the Residents of Paws & Tales Games:

Amazing Animals   Gooze Doodles
Each animal has a particular gift that is unique to its species and often quite surprising. Explore and learn about the various gifts that God has given all of his creatures. Doodle and play while practicing your art skills on the computer. Have fun, and remember the only limit is your imagination!

Mrs. Collins Miracle Garden   Ned’s River Run
Ms. Collins needs your help to water her flower garden every day after school. Catch and connect molecules, then drop it on a flower and watch it bloom. Help Ned build a good foundation for his club house and discover why having a good foundation is essential to building a Godly life.

Puzzles   Sunset Sailboat Challenge
Spend some time on a rainy day completing these puzzles of your favorite Paws & Tales characters from season one. Help the sailboats reach the docks before the sun goes down, but watch out for the obstacles that lie in some of the more treacherous waters.

Weather Word Scramble      
God made each season different but special in its own way. Help the gang to solve the scrambled words to learn about each season and how miraculous our world is.  
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